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About us

Trifar Ltd was established in 2008 with commercial operations in the field of solar systems, heating and plumbing. The company is professional in the installation of solar heating systems and offers a wide range of components for plumbing, heating and sanitation.

We strive to deliver high quality products at affordable market prices. Our main trading partner is a manufacturer of high quality solar systems certified for the European market.

The main objective of Trifar is to provide quality products and services for our customers. We follow a continuous striving to develop competitive advantages through accuracy, comprehensiveness, quality, speed and depth knowledge.


Our certificates



Our Services

- We offer over 1000 items in stock.

- Delivery of the country within 48 hours to available products and up to 10 working days for items that do not keep in stock.

- Conduct specialized training for employees in commercial establishments.

- Individual advertising projects approved our customers.
- Preferential terms for clients with proven ability and impeccable reputation.

- Warranty and non warranty service.

- Complete solution for heating and solar installations.

- Certificates and declarations of conformity for the entire range.


Solar Panels Trifar, made by SunRain


Trifar Ltd. is an authorized provider of the world leader in solar systems produced of Sunrain. We offer delivery and installation of the products from their range. As a guarantee for quality and authenticity will meet Trifar logo on each product.

To maintain its leading position in the field of technology SunRain attracted many experts from around the world. One is Dr. G.L. Harding inventor of multilayer (SS-C/Cu) technology absorption, which is the leading technology worldwide to date. Harding is the chief scientific consultant SunRain, thanks to his enormous contribution manufacturer of solar Sunrain, received numerous awards.

As the largest exporter of solar collectors sunrain, always uphold the philosophy of quality that "one percent defect in production is equal to 100% incident in customers. Sunrain consistently provides high quality products and services provided to customers, meeting their various requirements.

Solar energy is clean and free energy source that can create comfort and a healthy environment through its integration of architecture and price reductions. For many years Sunrain care for integration and utilization of solar energy with different architectural solutions. Now SunRain have great achievements in this area and have already created a very real solutions. Integral objective of the staff Sunrain, e to make full use of solar energy more accessible to humanity.

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